Who is Globetrottr?

Having lived in 5 countries, travelled to 20 more, and visited 17 states, I have always been an avid traveler. But it wasn’t until I turned 30 that I realized what I enjoyed about it. I love getting the chance to meet new people and share unique experiences with them. But there’s just one problem. I’m a total introvert! 

That’s where Globetrottr comes in. Globetrottr is a video series where I meet men on dating apps then fly across the country to visit them! It’s a scary but fun way to see new places as the gay locals see them… and an even better way to get over the fear of being catfished. 

In this blog you’ll find interviews with men to learn more about them than what they write in their dating profiles and  you’ll hear about what life is like in their hometowns for the LGBT community. 

Then we explore together based on whatever their interests are. We might go do a fun activity they enjoy, something they’ve always wanted to try but haven’t, or just explore cool places they think visitors should see.

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    Can't Host. Must Travel.

    Check out the videos to meet the men of Globetrottr! We’ve got:

         Butch the 50 year old farmer from West Virginia.

         Mike the shy artist from Pennsylvania

         Jamel the water polo player from Atlanta

         Patrick the computer programming pup from San Francisco

         Chris the muscle daddy from Austin

    and more!