Globetrottr Meets Dom in New York

Dom New York

Welcome to the first episode of Globetrottr Meets!

In this series I travel the country meeting men I chat with on gay dating apps.

Terrifying? Yes.

Fun? Absolutely.

The goal of the series is to learn more about the men you find on dating apps beyond the one sentence About Me section they may or may not have filled out. Then, depending on whatever these men are interested in, they show us around their hometown. They might take us to fun activities they enjoy, things they’ve always wanted to try but haven’t, or just cool places they think visitors should check out.

Sporty boys of New York

In this first episode I stay close to home in New York and meet Dominic. Dominic is a very handsome and witty man who talks about comic books, his online THOT persona, and what he looks for in a man.  

Dom is also a long time kickball player and a member of the Big Apple Rec Sports kickball league. It turns out there is a league for every sport in New York City and they have a dedicated following of athletes and athletic enthusiasts.

Despite the bitter cold I went with Dom to his kickball tournament and talked to some of the organizers about how gay sports contribute to gay life in New York City beyond the bars and brunches.

If you’re visiting the city and want to meet guys outside of the usual gay bar, try going to a game. And don’t worry about not being sporty yourself, we are talking about gay sports after all. Even if you refuse to select Jock in your Grindr profile because you’re morally opposed to lying, you’ll still be able to make a friend or two. 

Not all leagues have games that are open to the public but kickball and football games are in public parks in Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen.  The links to their schedules are at the bottom of this post. 

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And here’s some fun bonus clips for you. Who says jocks can’t dance?

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