Globetrottr Meets Justin in Boston

Justin Boston

The ONE Place you have to visit

If you’re a gay traveller coming to Boston for the first time, you should do all the normal things like walking the Freedom Trail or taking a Duck Tour. But you MUST catch a show at the Oberon.

Meet Justin

Justin is today’s Globetrottr boy, one of the handsome hosts who I con into hanging out with me. He’s a shy scientist and also happens to be a big Sailor Moon fan. Which is perfect, because that weekend my favorite theatre in Boston, Oberon, had a Sailor Moon Burlesque Spectacular! Of course we had to go. 

Justin shirtless
Justin waiting for his turn on the seahorse

Now, I’m a bad gay and had never actually seen Sailor Moon. So during dinner Justin sat me down and made me watch some of his favorite episodes so I could at least fake my way through the night.

The crowd was definitely made up of hardcore fans who knew all of the lyrics to the theme song… in Japanese.. but even as someone whose first episode was 20 minutes prior, I had a great time. The jokes were funny, the dances were unique, and the splits were low.

Rock climbing and clips from the Sailor Moon Burlesque Spectacular

Check out the video to learn more about Justin, see some clips from the show, and watch us rock climb shirtless for some reason. BTW, I only included the tame parts of the burlesque show. I didn’t want to be that guy in the back filming burlesque dancers in only their nipple tassels, of which there were many.


P.S. If Sailor Moon isn’t your thing, you should still go to Oberon on a Saturday night. Every Saturday night they have two showings of The Donkey Show, a semi-immersive retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream told through disco. I don’t want to give anything away but the pretty boys in glitter, 70s classics, and hilarious storytelling make it a must-see for the gay traveler…or anybody really. Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough.

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