Globetrottr Meets Pup Creole in San Francisco

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Woof! Say hello to Patrick aka Pup Creole!

Patrick is a daddy-loving software engineer from San Francisco. Listen to his thoughts on the maturity and activism of the kink community in San Francisco. Then come bid on cute puppy boys with us at the Pedal Pups bachelor auction to raise money for the AIDS Lifecycle.

Patrick and I were lucky enough to take one of the last tours ever of the studios in the San Francisco Armory.  The Armory was built in 1914 as the home of San Francisco National Guard. The Armory shut down in 1976 and stood unused for 30 years, with a brief stint as a filming location for The Empire Strikes Back. In 2006, refurbished the building and used the large dungeon-like rooms as a filming studio. Guests could tour the sets and workshops, while being treated to the building’s history. My favorite room was the flooded sub-basement, which just seemed fitting given where we were.

Unfortunately, the building has been sold to developers and will be turned into offices and manufacturing space. I hope they will still offer tours, the place really is a history/architecture nerds dream. Watch the video below to see clips of the tour. Warning: NSFW!


Meet Ed

Speaking of daddy-loving, Ed AKA Papa, is the proud creator of Prime, a monthly dance party for daddies and their admirers. Watch the video to hear this deep-voiced daddy talk about why he started this party and the success it has found. Next time you’re in San Francisco, make sure to look this party up! The music is pumping thanks to DJ Neon the Glowgobear and it is packed wall to wall with handsome men in their prime (get it?). Located at: Club 6, 60 6th St. Join the TrophyDad Facebook group to get the next invite to Prime!


Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

If none of that is your cup of tea, then come join me on my 8-mile solo bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge! I rented a bike from Blazing Saddles for $8 an hour. The ride across the bridge into Sausalito is about 1.5 hours, if you come right back you’ll end up paying $24-$32. But I highly recommend staying a while in Sausalito. For one reason, the entire first half of the ride from North Beach until midway across the bridge is steep uphill.  I’m not a cyclist and it was tough but doable with a few stops to admire the views.

Once you get halfway across the bridge, the fog clears (literally), the sun comes out (literally), and it’s all downhill to Sausalito (almost literally). When you get into town you should really spend some time there to reward yourself for making it. The whole town smells like flowers and has some charming shops.  If you want to try riding back you could but your Blazing Saddles rental comes with a ferry ticket which you can use to cruise on back to San Francisco. The gets pretty close to Alcatraz so if you’re quick you can grab some selfies.



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